GMT018: Hailey Friedman – Product Marketing Manager at RealtyShares

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Learn how Hailey Friedman started and grew the Affiliate Program at RealtyShares, a Union Square Venture, GC and Menlo backed real-estate investing marketplace. Based out of San Francisco, Hailey is also the President of Bad-Ass Marketers and Founders SF, Silicon Valley’s largest community of marketers & founders (over 16,000 members). You’ll also learn from Hailey how she does product marketing and how you can stand out as a marketers.

“You can have a product and an amazing team, but if you don’t know how to get customers, then you don’t have anything valuable.” – Hailey Friedman

What You’ll Learn In This Episode
  1. The exact process Hailey used to grow Realty Share’s affiliate program into the top ROI channel for them
  2. How Hailey does product marketing
  3. Things you can do to stand out as a marketer
Some Quotes From This Episode

“The best thing you can do when starting out as a marketer is show proof you can take initiative, build something and follow-through on something. It can be small like starting a blog or big like starting a startup.” – Hailey Friedman

“As an entrepreneur, one of the reasons why I took a job was because I was looking for a mentor to show me the rope.” – Hailey Friedman

“All I can about is learning, as long as I’m learning new things.” – Hailey Friedman

“The way I grew our Affiliate program is I tapped into the fact that people loved being recognized. I wrote about top real estate investment bloggers.” – Hailey Friedman

“Product marketing starts customer interviews and getting really to know what they like and don’t like about your product, and how they speak about your offering.” – Hailey Friedman

“It’s usually product tweaks that can really make a difference with your marketing.” – Hailey Friedman

About Hailey Friedman

Hailey Friedman is a Growth Marketing professional with 6+ years driving growth for startups. She was the 2nd marketing and 20th employee at USV, GC & Menlo backed RealtyShares. Hailey is the President of Bad Ass Marketers and Founders San Francisco, Silicon Valley’s largest community of marketers & founders (over 16,000 members). On the side, Hailey is the co-founder and blogger at, where she shares all her growth marketing tactics.

Show Notes
  • 02:11

    Her career journey

  • 03:11

    Joined a mobile advertising startup as the 2nd employee

  • 06:43

    What RealtyShares is

  • 07:13

    How she got into RealtyShares

  • 10:30

    What she learned while working for RealtyShares

  • 12:25

    Why she loves growth marketing so much

  • 12:59

    What her process looks like in terms of growth marketing and acquisition

  • 14:21

    What an affiliate program is

  • 18:20

    Doing more product marketing

  • 19:59

    Product marketing insights/learnings

  • 21:51

    How being an educator led her to where she is right now

  • 22:59

    Tips/advice for people who want to make a transition to growth/products


Hailey Friedman on Growth Marketing Today

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